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Ever since I've been on this diet people are saying I'm obsessed with food. I'm not, but why is it that the Satellite TV listings show all of these films with food related titles? (Please add any food films that I've missed!)
Mystic Pizza (real title) SR
Goodbye Mr Chips SR
Rasin Arizona Mark D.
The Meaning of Loaf Mark D
The Loaf of Brian Mark D.
The Mouldy Quail AT
Two Pies AT
The Quick and the Bread Mark D
Donuts are forever Homer (Mark D.)
Passanda 57 Mark D.
When Cinnamon Buns (starring Sean Beans) SWH
The Currying Game Nic
US tv: Okra fromageur
tv: They Think it's all Okra fromageur
The cook, the thief, the wife, and her plover sdk
Loaf Story Simmo
The Crying Game-pie W
Breadator S
The Last Brussell Sprout CJP
War of the (Cadburys) Roses Andy Garden
Things to dough in Denver when you're bread Andy Garden
Battleship Pumpkin ec
Indiana Jones and the Last Rollo ec
You Only Lunch Twice ec
Tampopo pmyh
Eat Drink Man Woman pmyh
Sammy and Rosie Get Ladled jcs
The Lon Kingburger ec
The Dessert Song ec
Schindler's Listeria ec
The Ten Condiments ec
Griller Killer ( Video Tasty ) jcs
Snickers Man jcs
Fried Egg the Thirteenth jcs
The Land That Time Faggot jcs
For Your Eyes Only aw
Inteview With A Hampire aw
The Man With Two Brains jcs
Butch Casserole and the Sundance Kidney aw
Teeth Wolf aw
The Philedelphia Experiment aw
The Invisible Mandible aw
Silence Of The Lambs aw
Jaws aw
Under Sage jcs
The Carroty Kid jcs
20,000 Leeks Under the Sea rjm
The hunchback of notre jam jrha
Pizzas Honour jrha
The inedible man jrha
Knorr by Northwest jrha
Cracker toe ahh, east of Java jrha
The Grated Gatsby jcs
The Eggs-are-whisked rjm
A Sausage to India rjm
Lolly Eater (Lolita) tlb
Pumpkin Iron jcs
Some Like It Kumquat (Jack Lemon) aw
The Good, The Bad and The Ugli Fruit jcs
The Third Mango jcs
Uncle Ben Hur jcs
High Prune rjm
the dirty dozen eggs jcs
All the president's menu jcs
A-pack-o-chips Now! KB
The Evil Bread PGJ
A Bridge Roll Too Far RJI
Boys from the Black Pud RJI
The Malteaser Falcon PGJ
Sprout of Africa rjm
The Breakfast Club (Sandwich/Biscuit) Simmo
Boyz 'n' the Food Simmo
Top Gum Simmo
When Harry eat Sally Mark D
Morningtime Croissant tlb
Twelve hungry men jcs
lick bacon anger jcs
Three men and a jelly baby jcs
Curry on Nurse (Oooh Maatron) aw
Spleen (Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, but no Bob Mortimer) aw
The Advocaat Simmo
Dace Ventura Sprat Detective sean
Star Trex sean
Codfather sean
Ryelander sean
Forrest Gateaux sean
The Bagel Has Flanded dh
Bagel To The Future dh
The Spud rjm
Demolition Flan Naj
Munching a Candied Date Simmo
The Grub U Ate RJI/TLB
The Return of the Cheddar RJI
The Onion Strikes Back RJI
Star Fruit RJI/Naj
To Grill a Mocking Bird RJI
The Forbidden Omlette Simmo
A Fistful of Vegemite jcs
Scone With The Wind KJ
Ice Cream In Alex KJ
The Gruel Sea KJ
Full Metal Jacket Potato KJ
The Colour of Mornay KJ
Souperman KJ
A Chocolate Orange rjm
The Big Chilli KJ
Edward Spinach Flans KJ
"Indian" Jones and the Takaway of Doom Naj
Sword in the Scone Naj
The Dessert Song jcs
Natural Corn Grillers ( Olive Stone ) jcs
A Fridge Too Far rjm
The French Lieutenants Chip Butty Naj
The Sound of Muesli Naj
Educating Ryvita Naj
The French Confection Naj
9 Leeks Naj
Two Thousand and Bun (A Spice Oddessy) ajr
Peter Pancake KJ
Crocodile Dundee Cake KJ
Toastbusters KJ
The Thyme Machine Naj
Raiders of the Lost Pantry Naj
Rising Bun PGJ
Splitpeas (Demi Moore) PGJ
Indigestion Day Naj
S*M*A*S*H tlb
Four Bread Puddings and a strudel PGJ
One Foot In The Gravy Naj
The Invisible Flan Naj
From Russia with loaf. PGJ
The Day of The Trifles Naj
Golden Pie PGJ
Fishfinger PGJ
Almonds are forever PGJ
Police Squid Naj
The Naked Bun rjm
Monty Python and the Holy Grill tlb
Last Fanta In Paris tlb
The Codfather PGJ
True Grits Simmo
Soy Story Simmo
Fudge Dredd Simmo
Baby Lion, Fried (Babylon 5 - well close) aw
Philedelphia aw
Forever Lung (Mel Gibson) aw
Sex, Pies and Videotape KJ
Robochop KJ
Gammon (Game On - new series starts tonight) KJ
Jurassic Pork Naj
Those magnificent men in their frying machines RJI
Laurence of a-rye-beer RJI
Hamerdale RJI
Quorn with the wind RJI
Spambusters rjm
Bapman RJI
Resevoir Dogs aw
Die Lard aw
The Rock (cake) aw
The Buns Of Zabaglione dh
Man With The Golden Bun dh
Dark Starburger Andy Wood
Grainspotting Derek M
Bourbons from Outer Space jim
From Rusk Till Prawn jim
Fritters (They Bite!) jane
Ryvita (staring Ma-donna kebab) John Bateman
Last Tangerine in Paris Ed Curran
Mash (geddit?) Ed Curran
Fried Green Tomatos iamer
When Harry Met Salad iamer
Get Shortcake jim
Space Jam DCashman
Spam Wars DCashman
The English Danish DCashman
Fargo the Margarine DCashman
The Secret of My Waffle Cone Kat
Jaws Jukka Rahikainen
Banana Split Second jim
the philadelphia experiment julie
The Seven Year Twitch Malibu
Rocky Road Picture Show Ariadne
Burger at 1600 Th@iGer
The Sound of Museli Ant
Breadknobs & Broomsticks Matt Wilson
Codzilla Hellbender
Top Bun Hellbender
Prawn Dave
Bring me the Bread of Alfredo Garcia Dave
Fry Hard Dave
A Wok in th Clouds Dave
Kitchen Impossible Baggy-B
The LIME King DH
Bring out the bread Baggy-B
Woketeer Baggy-B
Bar Wars: Episode V - The Empire Fries Snack Baggy-B
Snack (Snatch) Baggy-B
The silence of the hams Baggy-B
Apocalypse Chow Baggy-B
hamburger milliemoon shine
Sleepless in Salami; Fry Freedom; For Your Fries Only; Doctor Gnew; Gold-Blend Finger; Hunt for Red Snapper Mad Dad
High Nan Mad Dad
Lawrence of Avocado Jos
Saving Private Plums, Planet of the Apples, Some Like It Fruity Jos
planet of the grapes; some it pot; animal ham; valley of the rolls; spamlet; much ado about duckling mad dad
the curds; some like it pot mad dad
Bridge Over River Kiwi, Orange Pulp Fiction, MoonPie Struck (Starring Rosie O instead of Cher), Grilled Deer Hunter (Starring Ted Nugent instaed of Bobby D) Mark V
Breakfast at Tiffany's; Duck Soup; Grapes of Wrath; Guess who's Coming to Dinner; Naked Lunch; (all real!) Mark R.
The African Cream Nozza
Terminator Chew - Fudgement Day jim
Glad he ate her jim
Hot Stock and Two Smoking Casseroles jim
two pies at
cadburys milk chocolate
"Okrahoma!" djb