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Picture the scene.. the Generation Game producer has recruited you to help decide what prizes should go on the conveyor belt at the end of the show. What are you waiting for, they are recording the next series so start suggesting items now!
A Toaster dh
Some Carpet dh
Two fried eggs dh
An Electric Eel dh
A Wok dh
A Cocker Spaniel dh
Champagne dh
Assorted Slippers dh
A Handbag dh
A Goat made out of Ice aw
Some Tupperware Boxes aw
Answerphone dh
A pair of sliding doors RJI
A lifesize model of Marble Arch, made out of mashed potato aw
3 conkers aw
A Stereophonic Sound System jcs
A Walking Stick Sharpener aw
A set of zimmer frame casters aw
A Trouser Press jcs
The complete works of William Makepeace Thackeray ec
Four Spoons dh
A Handfull of Rice dh
Another conker and some cheese aw
A Dead Hedgehog ec
A Pavement Pizza ec
An Oak Tree rjm
A photograph of some peas aw
Gary Lineker rjm
The Complete Works Of William Makepeace Thackeray (the previous two were incomplete) dh
Gravy dh
One sock (smelly) ec
A photograph of Gary Lineker reading William Makepace Thackeray, while sitting in Gravy. dh
A Kettle dh
William Makepeace Thackeray - 1996 Supplement ec
A Family Holiday (to Euston) dh
A book entitled "William Makepace Thackeray - profile of an imposter" ec
A picture of William Makepace Thackeray's conkers aw
Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps KJ
Isla St.Clair KJ
The hamster from Brucie's head KJ
A Cuddly Toy dh
2000 in cash dh
A cheque for 1.26, made out to W.M. Thackeray aw
A Lifetimes Supply of Penecillin Injections aw
Assorted Sugar Cubes dh
An Industrial Press aw
Matching Sheets and Pillowcases jcs
ncr3450 aw
His and Hers Bear Traps jcs
An elegant leather cosh jcs
A Holly Hobby set of Throwing Knives aw
A "My Little Pony" Abattoir aw
A tartan posing pouch dh
A new front door dh
The Northern Provinces Of Canada dh
A pair of tickets to Evita jcs
Ordnance Monogramming Set aw
A map of Scarborough rjm
A vibrator Neil Stanley
The Pet Shop Boys aw
Bruce's old toenails Neil
some dynamite jcs
A dynamo aw
A Tin of Spam Noel
A game of Mornington Cresent Noel
Lord Lucan PGJ
Pamela Anderson Noel
Paul's gym teeshirt pgj
Dave the chef RJI
The Hades Lottery winning ticket RJI
Assorted Hats dh
A 25 inch NICAM telly dh
A small box of those little bits that fall out of the hole punch aw
An Inflatable Bison aw
A licensed version of Netscape dh
Some Popular Music CDs dh
An Anagram of Richard Stilgoe aw
A toblerone shaped plastic sign reading "NEXT CUSTOMER" J.Sainsbury
A childs finger Slim
A womans bottom in jeans with some coins in the back pocket ASDA
Cliff Richard His agent
Freddie and The Dreamers KJ
A Sarah Lee's Tiramisu (damaged box - reduced in price) KJ
An Eggplant KJ
A Lavalamp KJ
John F. Kennedy Snr. (the shot one was a double) FBI
A bottle of Eggnog KJ
An Egg and Cress sandwich High Table
A Scotch Egg KJ
A Chinese 100 year-old Egg Chairman Mao
A battery Chicken (battery not included) B. Matthews
Some of those polystyrene quaver things in a v. attractive engraved Lead Crystal Brandy Glass KJ
Larry Graysons Glasses PL
The last packet of Spangles PL
The Complete Works Of William Makepeace Thackeray (hooray) dh
Phil and Grant Mitchell jcs
A selection of fragrant teas from around the globe jcs
A 'Fat-Away' deluxe home liposuction kit jcs
Someone impersonating Richie Benaud jcs
Mornington Crescent Official Rule Book ICH
A sparrow jcs
A Set Of Dinner Plates dh
A 1978 Reuters Desk Diary Chelle-West
Rob O'Keefe's Reuters Photocard Chelle-West
Val Singelton's knickers Chelle-West
Andre Agassi's Chest Hair Chelle-West
Blankety Blank Cheque Book Chelle-West
Madonna's Maternity Bra Chelle-West
A Quagalino's Ashtray Chelle-West
A Lifetime Supply of Nicorette Patches Chelle-West
An empty pack of Silk Cut (which can be traded in for 20 B Chelle-West
A portable toilet roll holder Chelle-West
100 Drinking Games book Chelle-West
'Buy one, get one for 1p' voucher for Pizzaland Chelle-West
A sample sachet of Wash-n-go Chelle-West
A fortune cookie A Redfern
A sample sachet of Wash and Go Chelle-West
0 Chelle
A lifetime supply of "Hello" magazine Chelle-West
A Makeover on the "Richard and Judy Show" Chelle-West
A Makeover by Liz Hurley's plastic surgeon Chelle-West
A Kwik-Save carrier bag (worth 3p) Chelle-West
A fizzy drinks machine jcs
A test tube full of nitric acid rjm
a one way ticket to afghanistan kez
a divorce d
A job thinking of prizes on the generation game js
a donkey with 2 legs longer than the other and a tongue 10ft long! os
A monkey with a flick knife AGMW
a house chi chi
a wasp dh
a donkey with 2 legs longer than the other and a tongue 10ft long! os
A PHP dabase test entry Ant
some grief donk
the chriogenically frozen head of walt disney! YoHenYo
a bulldog licking pee off a nettle whilst chewing a wasp p3
A Pit Bull with Aids Gwen
japan donk
a freshly spanked monkey The Zoo
40 winks donk
potatoes donk

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