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Is it just me or are these TV, film, and song titles a little on the suggestive side?
Please add the suggestive film/song titles that I've missed.
One Night in Bangkok Sean
Rising Sun Sam
Ride on Time kc
Theres a hole in my bucket Filler
Rock me Amadeus Sam
Big in Japan Sam
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Essex Girl
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang AT
Eraser AT
Ring Ring (Abba) aw
All She Wants (Is Another Baby) aw
Brief Encounter anorak
Blue Peter anorak
Let me tickle your fancy (Jermaine Jackson) Donal
Lick my decals off baby (Captain Beefheart) Donal
Tongue in Chic (Chic) Donal
All Balls And No Willy (John Otway) Donal
Meaty, Beety, Biggy and Bouncy r brock
Eat Me In St Louis (It Bites) mo
The Slutty Professor W
Around the World in 80 ways N
The Odd Couple N
Beauty and the Beast N
Dick Tracey N
Beauty N
Shagged out in Seattle sean
Shaftin' Africa RJI
Shaft RJI
Octopussy Neil Stanley
O Superman sean
When you're in love with a beautiful woman, it's hard LOF
Dad I Blew Up America DH
And Baby Makes Three dh
Look wot you dun (Slade) jrha
Where do you think you are going? (Dire Straits) jrha
Love hurts jrha
Deep pan pizza jrha
Honey, I Blew Up The Kid kc
Why can't we do it in the road (The Beatles) John, Paul, George and Ringo
The French Correction RJI
The Big Snatch sdk
Slippery when wet CH
Slide it in (Whitesnake) aw
Swords of a thousand men (Tenpole Tudor) aw
Die Hard aw
When Harry Ate Sally aw
Hit me with your rhythm stick Donal
Welcome to the pleasure dome Donal
IN and OUT of Love (Bon Jovi) Donal
Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams) Guess
Curry On Nurse (the uniform, the vindaloo, fwoar!) fwoar
Enter The Dragon aw
Slip of the Tongue (Whitesnake) Donal
Come Together KJ
Meat Me In St Louis aw
Route 69 dh
Come On Eileen aw
I'm Feeling Glad All Over aw
Di Hard - The Welsh Philanderer Lazarus
Boy With A Horn (Biopic of Bix Beiderbeck) mailed by Jez
Free Willy jim
Pump up the jam Penny
A Few Good Men cw
Spaceballs Dutch
Enter Sandman Dutch
Blown Away Dutch
Coneheads Kat
Dazed and Confused Johnb
when harry ate sally
Whip it (Devo) Melissa
Men in Black P
The Insemenator Agent 18
A Night to Remember DAVE
Raise the Titanic DAVE
morning afterglow (electrasy) helen
i wasn't built to get up (the supernaturals) helen
down so long (jewel) helen
What's The Story (Morning Glory) - Oasis AGMW
Rimmington Steel CJ

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