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Ever since I've been on this diet people are saying I'm obsessed with food. I'm not, but any time I switch on to the local radio station they're playing a song that reminds me how hungry I am. This morning there was the following - (Please add any food songs that I've missed!)
Lambbhaji Ron Owens
Entree of the Gladiators (from I Eat Her) Ron Owens
La Macaroni Ron Owens
I feel some bad food rising AT
Lettuce be (The Beatles) SWH
You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish (REO Speedwagon) Donal
Frankie goes to (Planet) Hollywood SWH
Search for the Pilau (M People) SWH
Lemon (U2) Mark Kernot
Fillet Me Softly (The Fugees) SWH
Amazing Grapes Nev
Wok me up Before you Go-go Chelle
Take Another Pizza My Heart Chelle
Return of the (Big) Mac Chelle
The Soup Soup Song (Cher) Chelle
Ladle-weiss jcs
Strawberry Fools Forever jcs
Mornay Has Broken aw
With a little tuck tlb
Don't you want pees? jrha
Long hairy liver from Loverpool jrha
Take it to the LIMITS jrha
Oxogene jrha
Happy Pork aw
Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy) Donal
Baker Street dh
Make 'em Barf djrb
What Do You Want To Make Those Pies And Beans For? KJ
Brie My Baby KJ
Porklife KJ
Hoots, mon, there's a mousse aboot the hoose ajr
99 Bread Puddings Naj
What's Spam Got To Do With It Naj
Spare Rib to Heaven Naj
Don't fry for me aging tuna rjm
Take a Pear of Sparkling Eyes agmw
Raspberry Beret agmw
Cherry Baby (Plumming the depths!) agmw
Papa Don't Peach agmw
Don't Cook Mash'n Bangers (oasis) sdk
Where the sweets have no name (U2) sdk
Mince you've been Scone (Whitesnake) agmw
Glazed and Infused (Led Zep) sdk
I can't eat you baby (Led Zep) sdk
Bacon Roll Suicide (Bowie) sdk
Yeast of Bourbon (Rolling Scones) sdk
Norwegian food ( The beakers ) julian
Ain't mis-beef-flavouring julian
Isn't cheese lovely julian
Tart ! (The Jam) PGJ
Can the Clam agmw
Stay with me tinned prawn (Judie Puke) RJI
Hot Stewed Pussycat (Tom Scones) PGJ
My Perfect Cuisine (Underdones) RJI
Never mind the Horlicks PGJ
Spam-Fare for the Gammon Ham RJI
Anchovy in the UK RJI
Woks grub got to stew with it PGJ
All-night Chow RJI
Don't feed the Reaper TLB
In the Gateaux TLB
A Wok in the Black Forest Gateaux RJI
Grub don't grill here anymore RJI
Stompin' at the Saveloy (Bros' Johnson)-The Brothers Johnson! I wouldn't like to meet your record collection when there's a full moon PGJ
Piggie Star-crust RJI
19 99's PGJ
Toastbusters (I ain't afraid of no Toast!) agmw
Cat on a hoysin Hoof agmw
How much is that doggie in the window (trad Hong Kong song) anon
If I said you had a beautiful cod ee would you hold it against me jrha
Don't fear the pizza (Blue Oyster Cult) jrha
Sometimes it's hard to be a Salmon jrha
Gimme shellfish jrha
Gravy (Seal) jrha
Omlette The Sun Go Down On Me agmw
Ship of Fools agmw
Grilling Meat Softly sdk
My Quiche Lorraine (Nat King Cole) KJ
Rennies From Heaven (well, if you tried eating this lot...) KJ
The Laughing Gnocchi (Bowie) RJM
The Girth of the Fool (Miles Davis) jwe
Edam In The Quietest Moments (Soup Or Tramp) agmw
Monks Bream ( Theolonius Monk "fish" ) jwe
A bite In Tuna-isia ( Tart Flakey and the Jazz Messengers ) jwe
I'm Stilton Standing (Emmental John again) agmw
Philadelphia Freedom (Emmental John) agmw
Caerphilly Wisper agmw
Cheese Cheese Me Now (Duran Duran) agmw
A Nightingale Sang In Red Leicester Square agmw
What Are You Trying To Make Those Eyes At Roquefort agmw
Camembert (Yesterday - Beatles ... well it's as good as KJ's Bread and Cheese!) agmw
Isn't Bree lovely PGJ
Somewhere over the rainbow trout RJM
Lard Days Night (That's Beedles) agmw
We're only baking flans for Nigel (XTC) agmw
We Don't Pork Anymore - Cliff Richard (if he ever did) BCJ
I'll Stew Anything For You (But I Won't Stew Cat)- Meatloaf BCJ
Tubular bowels not exactly sure food songs is the right place for this! jrha
Eine kleine nacho musik jrha
Johnny beetroot(Chuck-up Berry) jrha
Piggie Sue jrha
Thai your mother down jrha
Apple Black Betty (Spam Baa Lamb) Andy Food II
Quorn to be Wild (Mushroom Risotto, Chips and Beans) Andy Wood
Is that the Chaat a Nougat Chew Chew Andy Wood
Meat me in St Louis Andy Wood
Oh, Soup or Ham Andy Wood
(What's so funny 'bout) Peas, Loaf and Udder Scratchings Andy Wood
Wish you were Deer (Pink Keith Floyd) Andy Wood
Praise The Lard BCJ
It's the end of the curd as we know it, and I peeled lime BCJ
What's the Fried Entree, Kenneth? BCJ
E-Bow the Lettuce BCJ
The Monster Mash-You've been spying on my dinner plate! sean
Everybody was Kung Fu Whiting sean
I Lost My Heart to a Starburger Trooper sean
Well Done to the Prunes (Judie Tzuke) sean
Spam and the Liver (Adam and the Ants) sean
Nutloaf City Limits sean
Save All Your Kippers for Tea (Brotherhood of Man) sean
Endless Loaf (Roberta Flack & PEAbo Brice?) dh
Two Can Play That GAME Bird (Bobby Brown) dh
Wherever I Lay My Ham (Pork Young) dh
Don't You Want Meat? (Human League) dh
Cream ("Ponce", sorry I meant "Prince") dh
Jesus To A Chive (George Michael) dh
Eggy Soldiera (Martika) Sean
Meat on Trifles (The Jam) BCJ
Bread And Cheese (Let It Be) KJ
Beef Stew Tonight (INXS) KJ
Bake Another Little Piece Of My Tart KJ
Vienn(etta) - Ultravox KJ
Little Red Courgette Kathy
Careless Wispa KJ
House Of The Pies and Buns (Animals) KJ
Everything I Stew, I Stew It for You (Brian AdHams) Andy Wood
Wherever I lay my Fat Simmo
What's the Story, (Morning knikcerbockerglory) ? Simmo
Liver and let Diet Andy Wood
Ham And The Liver (Adam KJ
One More Bite Simmo
Egg and Peas are Good (Shamen) KJ
Only Balloni Simmo
Instant Korma (John Lemon) KJ
Cold Turkey - John Lennon Simmo
Alternative Ulcer - Stiff Little Sponge Fingers Simmo
Hot Pot Tuna Please (Opportunities - PSB) KJ
Juicy Eel Pie With Fried Worms (BEETles) KJ
Macaroni (Macarena?) KJ
Cannelloni The Lonely KJ
Roll With Chips (Roll With It) KJ
My Breaded Plaice, Chum (My Generation) KJ
Donut Foresake Me Oh My Marlin KJ
Grills Just Wanna Have Fun Andy Wood
Who Grilled Bambi? BCJ
Too Drunk (ToFu ...) - the Bread Kennedys BCJ
Quorn and Dough (The Brotherhood of Spam)
No Woman No Fry (Bob Marlin and the Whalers) Andy Wood
Dancing in the sweet RJM
Be my cookie-chew (Alvin Spamcan) ICH
If you wanna be my liver (Spice rack)-Should be by the "Spice Grills" ICH
Dead Ring-doughnut for Love (Meatloaf) ICH
New Yorkie Andy Wood
Pudding On The Ritz Andy Wood
(Every Body Was) Foo Yong Fighting Andy Wood
Saturday Night's Alright For Feasting (Elton John) Andy Wood
Invisible Bun (Police) RJI
Whale meat again ( dinner where? dinner when ? ) Julian
Cruet to be kind (D Edmunds) ral
Doughnut leave me this way ral
Captain Flantastic and the Brown Dirt Cow Pie (Elton John) Andy Wood
Bacon The USSR (Beatles) Andy Wood
Crazy Horses (The Osmonds again) Andy Wood
Day Kipper Simmo
Baker's Treat (Jelly Rafferty) sean
Yellow Submacaroon (The Bottles) sean
Hash Browns to Hash Browns (David Bowie) sean
Puppy Grub (Osmonds) sean
Lilac Dine (Whelkie Brooks) sean
Kebabooshka (Kate Bush) sean
Sit on my Plaice..... (Monty Python) sean
Smooth Oper Ate Her (Sade) sean
Ham Herrings and Pie (Don McVitie) sean
Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow Andy Wood
Gristle A Happy Tuna Andy Wood
I Can't Live, If Living Is Without Stew Andy Wood
We Are The Champignons djrb
Another One Bites The Crust djrb
Don't go eating my tart -- I wouldn't if you fried! ICH
This Eel's on Fire BDylan
Bhaji Trousers Neil Stanley
I'm Vindaloo for dancing Neil Stanley
Tears on my Pilau Neil Stanley
Let's Dhansak Neil Stanley
Popadum Preach Neil Stanley
Aloo,Aloo,It's good to be back Neil Stanley
Oliver's Biriani Neil Stanley
Stand by your Nan Neil Stanley
Eating Trifles (Jam) jrha
Sultanas of Swing (Dire Tastes) jrha
Voodoo Chilli (Jimi Hendrix) jrha
Kebaba O'Reilly (Who) jrha
Spam in my pocket (Alanis Confectionery) jrha
I've thrown a custard in her face Chris Askew
Rikki don't lose that cucumber (Steely Pan) RJI
PORKing on the Spoon PGJ
Sausage in a Bottle AJR
Gammon Eileen PGJ
Dr Beetroot (Miami Sound Machine) PGJ
Peggy Suet NAJ
Good Morning Fudge (10cc) PGJ
Oh Doner RJI
Feel like baking grub PGJ
I am the Walnut RJI
Spam Fritters in the Pan (Love Letters in the Sand) AJR
La Gamba Kathy
There must be a Bagel baking with my Tart RJI
Lettuce Dance RJM
Cod Glazed with Bean. PGJ
Land of Knicker Bocker Glory Naj
In The Gravy PGJ
Spam by your Ham RJI
Red Red Swine PGJ
Pardon me Boy, Is that the Pasta Dinner Chew Chew? ICH
Deer hearts and gentle people AJR
I only have pies for you AJR
It's my chapati and I'll fry if I want to AJR
Lime's They Are A Changin' ???
Take Me to Dinner (Take me to the River) ???
Lady in Bread Naj
Everyone's a Dinner Baby RJI
Meat Balls on Fire RJI
The Salad of John's Egg Yoko RJI
Mincy Mincy Beany Beany Jello Pasta Pot Zuchini Naj
Tuna Think I'm Sexy Naj
A-Tuna Tomato (from The Lion King) 'er indoors
Some Day My Mince Will Come Naj
Hark the Pickled Herrings Sing Naj
Bap Out of Hell Naj
Frankie goes to McDonalds Mark Dunham
Tears for beers Tracy lind
Prawn in the USA n/a
Hole in My Choux Rye Cooder
Maggie mayonnaise Tim Lebon
Stewed Pork, Stewed Pork (New York, New York) RJI
It's my butty and I'll Fry if I want to RJI
SQUIDS in America PGJ
House of the rising BUN PGJ
Life on Mars Bars Paul Gascoigne (tlb)
Chilli Bean (That's my love) RJI
I Feel Sick (by Donna Kebab) Naj
lychees in the pie with almonds PGJ
since you've BEAN gone PGJ
Meat Me on the Corner Peter Entree
Something about STEW PGJ
I can't get no SATAYsfaction RJI
Prawn between two lovers RJI
Love Me Stew RJI
Since I've BEAN Lovin' You RJI
Toast RJI
Liver Deep, Mountain Fried RJI
Please Please Meats Tim Lebon
A room with a stew AJR
Eat It dh
Big Mac the Knife RJM
KORMA Chameleon dh
COD Save The Queen n/a
McArthur PORK dh
Every Time You Go Away, You Take A Piece Of MEAT With You.. dh
Fry Me A Liver (Cry Me A River) dh
Jesus Built My Hotdog (Ministry) Andy Wood
Dessert Song (Def Leppard) jim
You Cook The Worst Fried Trout In The South (Meat Loaf) jim
Sympathy for the Devilled Eggs (The Strolling Bones) jim
Beetroots Bloody Beetroots (Sepultura) jim
... And Toasties for All (Metallica) jim
Wok Show Host Brandé
Is She Really Going Out With HAM DH
Sundae Bloody Sundae (U2) jim
The Man With The CHIVE In His Eyes (Kate Bush) DH
I feel like chicken tonight SH
Nineteen (that's egg fried rice in the local take-away menu!) DH
Steam a little bream for me CW
Cheese stalks in mysterious ways CW
LAXMAN ( Fig Fig Sputnik CW
I Pot the sheriff but I didn't chew the deputy CW
We don't need another Eno's ( Chunderdome) CW
I should be so suckee ( slimy Minnow) CW
Larry doesn't mince rear Anymore (Stiff Richard) CW
Elegantly Basted ( INXS) CW
Rook in Roll Pt1 (leader of the merang) CW
Any Spam of mine vhbt
I feel some bad food rising Christine
Its All Camembert to me Know (Cuisine Dijon) Kez
Ham just to Grill (No Doubt) Kez
Done Steak (No Doubt) Kez
Its only faggots if its Brains (Garbage) Kez
Braising Horses (The Osmonds) Kez
Jello (Lionel Richie)-(Lionel RichTea? - DH) Kez
I eat fruit when your gone...(the cranberries) Kat
monk's mood idadog
epistrophy idadog
By the liver of champignon's (Bony mmm) Cass
Any Bream will Do (from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Yodel) jim
Beans the musical fruit Andrew Marsh
Macaroni (Macarena?)
Any Thyme Any Plaice Nowhere ( Andy Wos Ere
Bridge Over Troubled Waiter DH
Anything by the Loving Spoonful Ian in Vanciuver
Like a Rolling Scone Bob Dill
everybody rockl that ice cream now tiffer
Great Balls of Dough Wolverine
Sprout (Lulu) Dave
Cream a little Cream Dave
Pie, Pie My Darling (Misfits) DAVE
sweet like crabsticks guinea the piglet
Amazing Grapes aghzc
Rocket Man AGMW
Swing low chicken o Dan
Pie pie delila Dan
Travis - Flour in the window Baggy-B
Let It Brie Dan
torch my bun - cheeky grills stonko
Flatfish City limits - by pike and Tin o' tuna Jane
Don't be gruel CJ
In the gateaux CJ
I yam what I yam CJ
If icing you a love song CJ
Steak rattle and roll CJ
Little chop of horrors CJ
I saw three chips CJ
You'll never pork alone CJ
Black butty CJ
Roux Britannia CJ
Jus really want to hurt me ? CJ
Olive, olive-o CJ
Gangsta wrap CJ
Currant buy me love CJ
It's getting batter (all the thyme) CJ
Doctor cous-cous CJ
Let me pitta one CJ
Swede Caroline CJ
Love me for a raisin CJ
Crepe balls of fire CJ
Salmon Chanted Evening SWH
Bohemian radish pea CJ
Sirloin's in the fountain CJ
My melon-cauli baby CJ
I love you and don't you baguette it CJ
Who put the bap in the bap shoowap shoowap ? CJ
For your rice only CJ
Savour Your Knishes for Me SWH
Doctor's hors d'oeuvres CJ
It's my pate and I'll cry if I want to CJ
Twist and Trout CJ
Chatta-nougat-chew-chew CJ
Penne Lane CJ
Kelp ! CJ
Pot, Pot, Pot Noodle CJ
Marrow-kesh express CJ
Moussaka was my first love CJ
I will serve pies CJ
Sweet gypsy cream CJ
Chim chim cherry CJ
Venison queen CJ
It's a hard egg CJ
Tripe a little tenderness CJ
Yoghurt a friend in me CJ
Son of a peachy flan CJ
The Wall Street truffle CJ
Dinner dinner dinner dinner BATMAN !! CJ
The biggest aspic-distra in the world CJ
Paperback raita CJ
Danish blue bayou CJ
Peggy stew CJ
I Want to Hold Your Ham SWH
Don't Buy the Silverside SWH
Lemon be the one CJ
Love and marge CJ
Rack-o'-lamb-a-ding-dong CJ
Gravy Crockett CJ
Wokking on the moon CJ
You can't curry love CJ
Jello (is it meat you're looking for ?) CJ
Pudding on the Ritz CJ
Don't it make my brownies blue CJ
Corn take my eyes off you CJ
Somewhere pavlova the rainbow CJ
Tira-misu nights CJ
2-4-6-8 motorway caff CJ
Clam every mountain CJ
Sealed with a quiche CJ
Our liver's here to steak CJ
Veal meat again CJ
Salmon 'chanted evening CJ
Mouldy old doughnut CJ
Burger stand by me CJ
Eclair de la lune CJ
Cream horn you crazy diamond CJ
Like a sturgeon CJ
Pasty dutchie on the left hand side CJ
Sushi in the sky with diamonds CJ
Fry-up where we belong CJ
I am a roquefort CJ
Cake it to the limit one more time CJ
Oyster parade CJ
Poppadum preach (Madonner Kebab) CJ
Stilton crazy after all these years CJ
I never promised you a roast gammon CJ
Return to blender CJ
Let's call the whole thing offal CJ
Gimme gimme gimme a ham after midnight CJ
Chillichilliossenfeffer......... CJ
Abalone again, naturally CJ
My Sweet Bread CJ
Naan naan naan naan naan - BATMAN !! CJ
The Chicken Drummer Boy CJ
Fifty ways to eat your liver CJ
Mateus in a bottle CJ
There's a plaice for us CJ
Cod only knows CJ
Play that funky muesli white boy CJ
So nacho CJ
Just a song at twiglet CJ
Dhansak in the city CJ
There's a ratatouille in me kitchen CJ
When your lover has scone CJ
Granola gay CJ
(The sun'll come out) Tomato CJ
Lentil on my mind CJ
Feta bottom girls CJ
Killing me souffle with his song CJ
Good golly miss lolly CJ
We'll kipper welcome in the hillside CJ
It's only a pepper moon CJ
Muffin compares to you CJ
Doughnut forsake me oh my darling CJ
Coq au vin of love CJ
Now that I've fondue CJ
Pictures of breadstick men CJ
It ain't necess-celery so CJ
When the saints go margarine CJ
Poppa pecarino CJ
Monster hash CJ
I got a gal in calamari-zoo CJ
I don't like sundaes CJ
Billy don't be an aero CJ
Calling okra plants of interplanetary craft CJ
There's a kind of mash CJ
Sweet Georgia brownie CJ
Taco very much for the Aintree iron CJ
Younger than spring lamb CJ
Come fry with me CJ
Cod King Wenceslas looked out CJ
Have yourself a merry little crisp-mas CJ
Un-fig-gettable CJ
The ugli duckling CJ
Blue suede choux CJ
Egg got you babe CJ
Riss-ole house CJ
Peas Mister Postman CJ
The runaway terrine CJ
There's an awful lot of confit in Brazil CJ
Tie a yellow ribsteak CJ
A-brisket a-tasket CJ
Love me tenderloin CJ
Never had a cream (Escalope 7) CJ
Day trip to banger CJ
Oliver's pastrami CJ
Kasha falling star CJ
Fajita jolly good fellow CJ
Ricotta get out of this place CJ
Someday my blintz will come CJ
Hummous not chase the boys CJ
On the sarnie side of the street CJ
The dessert song CJ
Cheese always a woman to me CJ
Johnny be gouda CJ
My whey CJ
Curd it be magic CJ
Soya win again CJ
Nights in white sardine CJ
Twenty-four hours from salsa CJ
Copa-kabanos CJ
Pictures of piccalilli CJ
the fats food song WAYNE LOVER
Itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polkadat-zucchini CJ
Bohemian Raspberry CJ

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